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Six CBD Products of the Future

Six CBD Products of the Future

Six CBD Products of the Future

Thomas L
Six CBD Products of the Future

Every month, there seems to be more and more interesting CBD products hitting the market. Where once CBD gummies were a novelty we’re now witnessing ever more novel and inventive product lines coming on board like CBD potato chips, massage oils, pet treats, and so much more.

Although it’s difficult to predict what will come up next, increased innovation and creativity along with more sophisticated engineering are to be expected as the CBD industry evolves.

Here are six products of the future that CBD users can look forward to, as supported by recent trends:

CBD with Nootropics


Because of its health benefits, CBD is widely available in capsule and supplement form. Whether it’s pure CBD contained in a pill or a multivitamin with CBD and other nutrients packed in, you’ll find many of these around, and their main effect varies from relieving insomnia to promoting bone and joint health.

One area that’s still relatively unexplored even though it has immense potential is combining CBD with nootropics. With the rising interest in biohacking, which involves optimising your body for peak physical and mental performance, nootropics are gaining more attention. These are substances that enhance your brain function, giving you better focus, memory, and even creativity, among other things. Caffeine is a common nootropic, along with L-theanine in tea.

CBD itself can be considered a nootropic, and it’s possible that its effects can be heightened by putting it together with other nootropics. Since some businesses have already experimented with adding it to adaptogens and probiotics, we’re bound to see more CBD supplements touted for cognitive health in the future.

CBD Sugar, Salt, and Spices


Aside from pure CBD oil, more than half of consumers lean towards CBD edibles, which refer to CBD mixed in with food or drink. This is the most lucrative type of CBD product, and understandably, there are more brands competing here than anywhere else. As foodies get in on the CBD bandwagon, CBD spices and seasonings will be on the rise.

Many people who take CBD are also curious about health and wellness, and hand-in-hand with that is an inclination to cook at home. With CBD becoming more widely accepted, consumers are looking for ways to add it to their own food too.

CBD spices and seasonings face a growing demand on the B2B side as well because restaurants, bars, and food stalls are increasingly looking to add CBD to their menu offerings. These can include everyday seasonings like cinnamon and pumpkin spice, but drilling deeper into the essentials, CBD-infused salt and sugar will also be worth looking into.

CBD Milk


Among CBD edibles, CBD beverages on their own are projected to have a market value of more than £8 million by 2025. It makes sense that CBD edibles are appealing—by adding CBD to favourites such as gummies, chocolate, and even beer, consumers don’t have to adjust that much, and the taste of CBD is well-masked while consumers can still reap the benefits. In fact, many of these categories are saturated already, which is why niche types of food and drink will be gaining ground.

For all that CBD has been infused into bread, soda, protein bars, and so many other food products that you can think of, you won’t notice that much dairy with CBD. CBD ice cream and yoghurt are still considered artisanal. Milk would actually make a natural fit because it aligns with CBD’s wellness thrust—think almond milk and coconut milk. A major move last year in this direction was a UK business creating a plant-based CBD milk last year for baristas, reflecting the rising interest among coffee shops and bars.

CBD Sleeping Facial Masks


CBD is making its mark on the world of beauty, skincare, and cosmetics. In 2018, the size of the CBD cosmetics market was already at around £448 million globally, and the prediction is that this will go up to £1.31 billion by 2025. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it a worthwhile ingredient to include in skin products.

Amidst all the CBD lipsticks, serums, and lotions out there, an interesting innovation would be CBD facial sleep masks. Generally, sleep masks are slathered on to the face before sleeping, and the idea is they’re meant to stay there for the whole night, usually to provide a good deal of moisturizing. CBD in the right concentration can induce feelings of relaxation or even sleepiness, so making CBD part of sleep masks would serve the dual function of helping the person unwind and soothing their skin. On the feminine health side, there’s also been talk about CBD tampons, but these might take longer to come about because they’re rather radical.

CBD Toothpaste


This March 2020, Colgate acquired Hello Products, which sells organic and environment-friendly products with an emphasis on oral health. CBD-infused toothpaste, mouthwash, and lip balms are among their top products. With an international giant like Colgate taking on CBD toothpaste, more large businesses might follow in its footsteps over the coming years, and CBD toothpaste might become more mainstream.

This may seem unusual, but CBD can work as a major ingredient in toothpaste because there’s evidence that it’s a powerful antibacterial. It also helps regulate the immune system while providing pain relief and decreasing inflammation, all of which can soothe the symptoms of common conditions like cold sores and gingivitis. CBD toothpaste also offers the convenience of automatically getting a regular dose of CBD, unlike food products that are optional. In particular, CBD seems to work well with high-quality essential oils such as peppermint and tea tree when it comes to toothpaste.

CBD-Infused Activewear


CBD isn’t only meant to be ingested—believe it or not, it can be infused into clothes. There have been speculations before about making fashion more wellness-oriented by incorporating CBD, and this became a reality only recently in 2019 when Abacada, an activewear brand from Portugal, released CBD-infused activewear.

This generated a bit of buzz because the concept was novel. Rather than all over the body, CBD is infused only in certain parts of the activewear such as around the calves and back. The rationale behind this was that the CBD from the activewear would seep into the wearer’s skin while they were exercising, and post-workout soreness could be mitigated.

Reactions to this were mixed because the effectiveness varied from wearer to wearer. Still, it’s scientifically possible, working off the same mechanism as lidocaine patches applied to the skin. As companies figure out how to engineer this, CBD-infused activewear is likely to make a comeback, along with other fabric products like CBD-infused sleepwear.

It’s an exciting time for CBD users because there seems to be no limit to the diversity of CBD products. CBD has already touched practically every major industry, and both consumers and businesses can look forward to huge changes ahead. We’ll certainly be keeping our eye on this rapidly evolving market and bringing you the best and most brilliant. In the meantime, check out our current extensive range of CBD products.


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